Our Process

Our Process

Our Process: How We Work at LucKey Construction

We are committed to delivering high-quality renovation and construction projects that align with our clients’ visions and requirements. Our process is designed to ensure clarity, satisfaction, and excellence from the initial consultation to the final touches. Here’s how we proceed:

Initial Consultation and Planning

  • First Contact: Reach out to us at your convenience to share your renovation or construction aspirations. You can do this via application form at the website, email info@luckey-construction.com or via phone +31 (0) 6 30330116. One of our managers will then contact you to schedule a visit.

  • Project Assessment: Schedule a property visit at a time that suits you. Our account manager will assess your home’s condition, take necessary measurements, and gather all pertinent details.

  • Estimate and Scheduling: Receive an estimate covering the costs and approximate duration of the project. We strive to start the project on your desired date, if that is already taken, we propose a nearest available date. The transparent price offer is crafted based on a thorough calculation after the project evaluation, incorporating your design and our additional insights and including all the smallest details that were discussed.

  • Material Selection: While we focus on the purchase of raw construction materials, ensuring durability and quality from reputable Dutch manufacturers, our clients select their own decorative finishes. We operate on the principle that you choose all visual/decorative materials, ensuring the final product truly reflects your vision.

Execution and Communication

  • Preparation for Implementation: Following the acceptance of our quotation, we initiate the preparation phase, aligning all elements for a smooth start. 
  • Construction/Renovation Phase: Our qualified team embarks on the diligent execution of your project, fostering open communication via your dedicated account manager and seeking your input throughout the process.
  • Ongoing Collaboration: Constant feedback and collaboration are key components of our process. We expect active involvement from the clients to get to that vision of yours together. Our team will reach out proactively if we have questions or need clarifications, ensuring that your project truly reflects your desires.

Final Touches

  • Completion and Satisfaction: Our commitment extends beyond mere completion. We strive for your complete satisfaction, ensuring that the finished project meets or exceeds your expectations. We remain engaged until you are fully content with the outcome of your renovation or construction project. Upon completion, we check the quality of the work to ensure that it is in accordance with the project plan. When we are convinced of the quality of the work, we will inform you about the results of the project.
  • Final Approval: Before considering the project complete, we ask you to conduct a thorough review to ensure every detail aligns with your vision. Only when you are satisfied and the final result meets your expectations, we officially conclude the project.

Our process is a testament to our dedication to excellence, quality, and client satisfaction. With years of experience and a team of experts, we guarantee that your renovation or construction project is in capable hands. Contact us today to begin your journey toward transforming your space into your dream property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depends on complexity, volume of work, size of the project (m2 and m3), construal changes and finishing details. On average, toilet renovation is 1 week, bathroom 2,5 – 4 weeks, kitchen with preparation and installation 2-3 weeks, apartment 70 m2 5 – 12 weeks, 2 floor house 150 m2 6-15 weeks. Timeline might be adjusted after the demolishing is done.

Yes, absolutely. We would need to ask our clients first if they are willing to share their contact details and are willing to be called. Usually, it is welcomed. We practise it when required.

No, the client is responsible for getting all permissions, as well as for informing the municipality and the Association of owners (VvE), if any of it is required.

Our offers are very transparent, so the main budget is set from the start. Whenever additional work comes up, we communicate it with the customer in advance.

We do our best to schedule the start of the project on a date of a client’s wish. Once the project is open the planning team makes sure the project is executed in the time lines that are discussed with the client.

If additional work occurs, the project might need to be extended. We communicate this to the customer.

When the deadlines are really strict we may allocate more people to executing the project (if available and if the project space allows it).

We immediately inform the customer. Depending on the issue, the right approach will be discussed in a consultation with the customer.

We do our best to schedule the start of the project on a date of a client’s wish. Starting a project on a short term is possible.

We give half a year warranty on our work. On top of that, we have insurance in case of any undesired damages.

Our construction workers have ‘Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors` certificates. All doors are locked, lights are switched off and water is shut before our employees leave the property.

Our offers are very detailed and describe materials and labor for a specific type of work. A client will also find in the offer what they need to purchase themselves and the amount of it.

An engagement letter summarizing all information will be sent for client`s acceptance before the start of the project.

Our construction workers clean up the working place every day before leaving the project. What`s more they use special construction tools to minimize or remove dust during renovation.

At LucKey Construction, we collaborate closely with the designs you provide, ensuring they align seamlessly with practical construction and renovation perspectives.

While we can suggest esteemed designers based in Amsterdam, the final decision always rests with you.

We provide raw construction materials and include them in the offer.
A customer is providing all visual/decorative materials.

Leave information to receive a free consultation.

We will contact you within 24 hours.

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